Crab Cakes

I love crab cakes and I've made them several times before using various recipes, but none to my satisfaction. Recently I was craving them and used some canned crab meat I picked up at Costco. I improvised adding leeks, mustard, mayo, garlic and worchestershire sauce. Baked, then fried. Liberal drizzle of lemon-paprika aioli with some more on the side. I must admit they're still not the perfect crab cakes of my dreams but they're the closest yet.


Two for Tea

A couple of these bad boys with some milky Assam tea. These crispy-yet-chewy, light-yet-rich, chocolatey cookies were made by my sis from this recipe.


Frenched, Toasted

This is the kind of French toast I grew up with. Quartered slices dipped in a mix of beaten eggs and sugar. No syrup. I love how vividly yellow these are from the orange yolks of free range eggs.