Goodbye, March

Hello, spring.


Poached Salmon

I adapted this recipe for a main course last night. I subbed in morels for truffles and unfortunately skipped out the shrimp and shrimp butter. I used truffle salt and brown butter whenever I could, didn't bother with the cognac, and added a side of linguine liberally tossed in the very delectable sauce. Next time though, I'm definitely going for the shrimp.


Chicken & Purple Potato Salad

Last night I made a big salad with chicken, purple potato and dill. To this I added some gobs of good mayo, extra strong dijon mustard, pepper and a generous dash of cumin. At 12:30 am this morning, I realized I couldn't fall asleep unless I polished off the rest of the bowl. So I did. In bed! And on the seventh day, I rested.


Feelin' Like...

...a juicy sandwich with lightly spiced pork loin, havarti and red onion jam dripping out of a georgian baguette.


Odds and Ends

The last eggs in the carton, the ends of the loaf of rye, and lox trimmings = eggs en cocotte.