Pumpernickel Mushroom Bread Salad

For dinner tonight I attempted the Pumpernickel, Watercress and Mushroom Bread Salad. This was one of those recipes that seemed so nonsensical at first that I just had to try it.

I made a few changes:

- I couldn't find any watercress at neither my neighbourhood Capers nor Safeway. No arugula either. So I tore up a few Romaine leaves and threw it in my regular Earthbound Farms salad mix.

- I forgoed (forwent?) the garlic in the recipe and simply used garlic butter. Yay!

- I used white mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms, and the remainder of my oyster mushrooms.

- I had no idea where I could get Vidalia onions (I couldn't even find any fucking watercress...what, are they not in season? Do stuff like lettuce ever go out of season? Don't they just grow in greenhouses?). So I just used green onions. Close enough to leeks, maybe?

Anyways, it turned out delicious. At first glance I was like, all, Pumpernickel + Watercress + Mushroom + Bread + Salad = huh? But now it all makes delicious sense. The salad has a rich, earthy flavour and is surprisingly filling.