Saturday morning breakfast

So I said I would make my tomato & brie sandwich, but I decided to put a twist on it. Usually it's a generous slice of brie, a thick slice of tomato, mayo, lettuce and bacon. This morning I remembered I still had a little bit of cooked smoked salmon left over, so I replaced my usual salty bacon with the remainder of the salmon fillet.

1. Toast slices of french bread (I usually use whole wheat or dark rye)

2. Top one slice with brie and broil it until the cheese bubbles

3. Mayo, lettuce (I tore off a piece of Romaine today; ideally it would be butter lettuce), salmon and tomato.

This is my preferred order, as I want the mayo to adhere the lettuce to the sandwich, and the fresh tomato squishing up next to the hot, gooey cheese.

I nearly forgot to take a picture before it was all gone.