Lee's Donuts

Oh Lee's. How I love thee. Located in the heart of the Granville Island Public Market, Lee's is the finest donut shop in all of the Lower Mainland. Forget Tim Horton's slightly stale and sugary dough, forget Krispy Kreme's disgustingly syrupy, dough-heavy fried creations. Lee's donuts are light and almost fluffy. Not too sweet but sweet enough, I always get half a dozen of their powdered, cinnamon and oh yes, double chocolate ones. I never fail to stop by Lee's every time I'm on Granville Island. We had a section lunch at the terribly overrated Bridge's one week and I snuck away to procure a dozen for our office and we all agreed that I should've picked up 2 dozen instead. D'oh!


Grace said...

Mmm....donuts. The powdered ones are still my favourite!