Making it a Habit

A few months ago, I started making a concerted effort to regularly eat breakfast. I often claim I'm not a morning person, but really what I need is to spend a bit of time by myself in the morning. Weekends for me, mean the luxury of a greasy diner breakfast, a newspaper and/or blog feeds and caffeine. Now with discipline and a little effort, eating a real breakfast everyday is more of a habit. It also means I'm less of a crankypants at work.

I try to prep for mornings the night before. Cut up some bowls of fruit to set aside in the fridge, slice up bread, etc.

Now a typical weekday breakfast consists, at a minimum, of a bowl of yogurt (something which I've forced myself to start consuming) with some combination of bran, Weetabix and fruit, and toast. If I really get it together there's an egg over easy somewhere too. I'm also aiming to get up even earlier to make coffee instead of spending a weekly fortune to grab one from the damningly convenient Starbucks (oh why can't you be a JJ Bean?) located right where I transfer buses.