Here's a crappy picture of a completely uncrappy Cobb salad I made with the scraps of proscuitto and blue goat cheese from the BC Day long weekend. I was so famished, I hastily took the pic before I devoured this.

Forgot to talk about how refreshing Zaru Soba is in the summer heat, served cold. These are the green tea buckwheat noodles. Easy peasy.


Remains of the Day

That's it. The last remains of the wonderful long weekend. The final slice of the proscuitto and ricotta pizza with red onions. Tub ricotta, italian proscuitto and pizza dough from Duco's on Granville Island. I accidentally threw in a too generous portion of red pepper flakes to the onions which imparted a nice heat to the thin crust pizza. Served with a walnut and blue goat cheese salad, a glass of pinot noir, and a soft summer breeze.

Summer Food

It's been a delicious summer so far and now that Vancouver's fully engulfed in a heatwave, it's all about the dips! Pita chips (baked in olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, pepper and paprika) and tzatziki. All about home made iced tea and cold sandwiches by the water. A 2 foot long herbed salmon on the BBQ. Sushi and air conditioning. Fig and roasted almond gelato. And lots and lots of mouthwateringly sweet local berries.